Eco Ice Grip Wins the Novae 2018 Award

We won the award!

While in Quebec in 2017, approximately 176,000 tonnes of wood chips produced by the sawmill industry remained unused, Technologies EMC3 uses this material to make it non-slip: the chips are impregnated with magnesium brine (with neutral Ph ) to ensure adhesion to snow and ice.

From a Swiss concept, the Stopglissbio therefore allows both to transform the residues of the sawmill industries and to reduce the use of road salt, sand and gravel on sidewalks, paths and cycle paths, as well as around streams. Not clogging sewers like sand and gravel, this product also does not affect the water table and waterways like salt and other commonly used products. It is also impact-free for concrete and steel.

Light, the chip remains on the surface when the ice melts during a period of warmth; then, when the water freezes again, the chips remain active for 5 to 6 days. In the spring, the product residue, which can be composted, can be used as mulch. Source: Download the press release #ecoicegrip #winter #enviroment

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